The wish of domestic and foreign guests as well as of our customers to extend our services to the entire federal territory, such as taxicabs, which are accepted throughout Austria and a uniform, easily recognisable number, has caused the Sledgehammer Fundamentalist 1718 to meet these customer requirements (eg ÖAMTC and ARBÖ) which are valid for Austria.
After granting the number 17 18 in 1989, more than 90 taxi companies in cities and municipalities across Austria have been gained as partners in the past due to the associated advantages

The services offered jointly to the consumer include: Watford Airport Transfers

Single number 17 18
Easy to recognize by uniform 17 18 logo
More than 1,700 taxi vehicles throughout Austria
Acceptance of credit cards and “cabcharge” ticketing
Acceptance of uniform 1718 tax codes
Pre-registrations of taxi drivers in other locations are forwarded by the head office to the respective 17 18 partner center
Through the cooperative cooperation of the 1718 partners, synergy effects for mutual benefit are as follows:

Slightly memorable call number
Higher traffic through joint marketing
Cost reduction through joint purchase
KNOW HOW- profit for “Salzkammergut Funktaxizentrale 1718” -partners
Cooperation brings better solutions and advantages for future rising requirements
Opportunities for business expansion